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Hotel Coworking – an emerging trend in the Hospitality Industry

Hotels Evolve: Enter Coworking

The trend is still emerging, yet innovative players in the industry are quickly experimenting with ‘activating their lobbies.’  Why has the coworking trend reached the hotel world? hotel coworking plus Hotel Coworking   an emerging trend in the Hospitality Industry

Coworking can help create a fully integrated ecosystem within a building, whether it is a hotel, residence, or office building. It appeals to guests as well as the public at large.  Need consulting for a Hotel Coworking project? 

Screen Shot 2017 03 05 at 3.06.53 PM Hotel Coworking   an emerging trend in the Hospitality Industry

Hotel Coworking Resources:

  • Smart business hotels where work meets play – CNNFeatured Hotel Coworking Brands:
    - Volkshotel, Amsterdam
    - Zoku, Amsterdam
    - Hotel Zetta, San Francisco
    - Ace Hotel London Shoreditch
    - Ovolo Southside, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
    - Yotel, New York City
    - The Epiphany, Palo Alto, California
    - Mama Shelter, Rio de Janeiro
    - M Beta, Charlotte, North Carolina
    - COQ, Paris
  • 6 reasons coworking hotels are the future of hospitality – USA TODAY“In general, we have started to see a major shift in the traditional definition of a hotel. It’s no longer enough to be a rectangular building with a traditional brand name; instead hotels need to keep up with the ever-evolving lifestyle and tech needs. Many are already changing by incorporating larger social spaces — like lobby lounges and  bars — and coworking spaces are the next logical step. If hotels aren’t considering demand for live-work spaces, they stand the risk of becoming one dimensional.” - John Hardy, CEO of The John Hardy Group and founder of Radical Innovation in Hospitality
  • Co-Working, but for Hotels. (Seriously) – Inc.“A layer of technology will also augment guests’ experience at Hotel Schani. One books a room online (obviously), but then also selects their desired floor and proximity to the elevator. Amenities, and even furnishing arrangement, may also be plucked from a menu in the future. The guest also checks in, and unlocks the door to their room, through an app.”

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