Coworking’s Best Friend

Recently posted some photos of some of the various furry friends we’ve had coworking along side us at Conjunctured.  I really think more offices should be pet-friendly as it really improves the vibe of the place—gives the place more life and a fun attitude! Austin already is a very pet-friendly city and I’m starting to see why! Here’s some dog-friendly restaurants in Austin I found on Yelp. And of course any of the amazing food stands / “trailer park” eateries are going to be pet friendly too.

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    21 months ago

    This is a great idea. So much in fact, I know a counsellor who brings her dog into the treatment room. The clients love it and it “softens” the setting of their (sometimes unpleasant) work

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    Todd O'Neill

    20 months ago

    We have Jerry. Found him a year ago wandering the neighborhood. He’s a fixture. Loves to cowork, chase his “squirrel”, sleep and go for walks around the neighborhood.
    First question from regulars if he hasn’t greeted them is “Where’s Jerry?”

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