Conjunctured sponsors Austin Tech Happy Hour

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Conjunctured is sponsoring the Austin Tech Happy Hour coming up September 11 at The Marq, located at 5th and Congress.

The event is scheduled from 6:00-8:00PM that night and will include an appearance by Sarah Lacy, who has been on a tour promoting her new book “Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good — The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the Rise of Web 2.0” (the last time she was in Austin was during her discussion with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at SXSW).

Our good friends from SeedStage Studios will be filming the event for the pilot of their show on

Come on out and hang out with us (if you’re not too tired from the Amazon Web Services Start-Up Tour stop earlier that day). Can’t wait to see y’all!

When: Thursday, September 11th, 6:00-8:00PM
Where: The Marq (21+), 5th and Congress
Tickets: EventBrite, $7.50, $10 at the door

Jelly at Conjunctured

We had a great turn out at our first Jelly hosted at Conjunctured. Around 15 people showed up! Thanks everyone!

If you’re not familiar with Jelly, it’s an every-so-often casual coworking session. Anyone is welcome to come, bring your laptop, art supplies, or whatever, and work alongside other creative, fun people, for free!

We streamed live via Stickam. John and some of his friends at even joined in on the virtual coworking session.

 Jelly at Conjunctured

If you missed this months Jelly at Conjunctured. Watch our Google Calendar for our next free coworking event!

@mashable SummerMash Austin a huge success!

 @mashable SummerMash Austin a huge success!

It seems like so long ago, but I just wanted to say how much fun we had at Mashable’s SummerMash Austin last week.It was great to hang with Pete Cashmore and Karen Hartline, Yoono, MySites and Houston’s own Erica O’Grady; we’re glad we got to show them that Austin doesn’t just party hard during SXSW.The best of the best were out at Buffalo Billiards and it only served as a taste of things to come in March.You can read Karen’s review of the night on the Mashable site.

Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins, associate editor at Mashable, even dropped by from Dallas to check out what he calls the “burgeoning Web 2.0 community” in Austin.Make sure to read his post-event reflections on the Mashable site, as well as watch the included videos.He underlines what local groups like Conjunctured, Austin Startup and Austin 3.0 have been discussing for the past few months—there’s something happening with the Austin technology community.I know I usually find myself caught up in a bubble regarding the future of Austin tech, so it’s great to hear the same thing from people outside of our small, yet ever-evolving community.

Thanks so much to everyone who wore a Conjunctured sticker that night and special congratulations to the winners of the Part Time passes we raffled as part of our event sponsorship.See you soon guys!

Make sure to check out The Creative Space‘s Michael Cummings‘ absolutely awesome photos from the event.


Conjunctured gets an east side history lesson.

D8asXNT Conjunctured gets an east side history lesson.

Note: This post was originally written in 2008. On Jan 2, 2010 Ms. Cisneros passed away in Austin. May she rest in peace. 

When we were featured in Omar Gallaga‘s Statesman article last Sunday on coworking along with LaunchPad Coworking and Caroline Collective, we had no idea of the interest we would garner from the Life & Arts feature.Notes of encouragement and requests for more information on coworking came from all over the Austin community.Many thanks to all those who have written in or talked to us in person—it’s great to see that Austin is more than ready for coworking.

One special note dropped in our email the Monday following the article from a family who was convinced they knew the house shown in the paper.They claimed it was the house their Aunt Alice lived in decades ago.Even though the article never explicitly stated our address, the family easily called out our address as 1309 E. 7th St.We quickly invited the Cisneros over and by Thursday had Aunt Alice walking through the halls and rooms of the Conjunctured house, taking us back to Austin more than 50 years ago.

We learned lots of history about the house, including the stories when the family first purchased an air conditioner to wine-making and fermenting under the house (we’ve yet to explore down there, but if we’re lucky we’ll come across some leftover vintage homemade wine).

It’s interesting to note that when Alice was living in the house as a teenager, it actually was a two-family house, complete with two kitchens.We’re glad we gained a first-hand account of the history of the house and that we get to continue the tradition of commingling people within the four walls of the space.Even though Austin is a young city, it’s growing exponentially day by day and we’re thrilled to be a part of the growth and that we can share in part of the history of the E. 7th St. house.

InnovationCamp Official After Party at Conjunctured

20080627 bnefhxmrt8ggsyyg631qaw9q6u InnovationCamp Official After Party at Conjunctured

Conjunctured is a sponsor of InnovationCamp today, right here in our own backyard.What you may not have known, though, is that we’re also the official after party location of iCamp!

If you’re planning on becoming a member of Austin’s first coworking space, this would be a great time to walk around and check us out if you didn’t attend the tweetup on Monday.We’ll be answering questions about memberships that night and will be ready to sign you up if you want in on the beta run.Make sure to stop by the space at 1309 E. 7th St. [map] if you’re interested, right after iCamp at 7:30PM.The Statesman (thanks to @omarg‘s upcoming coworking article) and the A-list (shoutout to @archana) will be around taking pictures of the good times we’ll be having.

If you remember in the video, we have a wet bar in the space.While we may not have wi-fi until mid-week next week, we will definitely make sure this part of the space is up and running for y’all. icon smile InnovationCamp Official After Party at Conjunctured

Conjunctured sponsors Mashable’s SummerMash Austin

20080627 k492gkxha3t3pyx2p69x5qpidg Conjunctured sponsors Mashables SummerMash Austin

I’ve been working on this for the past few weeks, but today Karen, the awesome events director at Mashable (the #1 social networking and social media news blog) sent me the good news.Check out the other local sponsors we’ll be chilling with, including Pluck and our good friends at Austin Tech Happy Hour.

Karen’s dragging along Mr. Pete Cashmore himself, along with fellow Texan Masher Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins.Hopefully Alana Taylor will make an appearance at the July 30th event at Buffalo Billiards on 6th Street since we know her bro is an Austinite too.

We’ll be giving away memberships to the coworking space, so make sure you mosey on over to Eventbrite to RSVP for the event—as if watching Pete rocking out to Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Rock Band wasn’t enough.See you there!


The “super secret party” from last night…

At 3PM on June 23, 2008 we got approval from the owner of a property in east Austin we’ve been in negotiations over for a couple of weeks.

At 5PM on June 23, 2008 we sent a message to a few people over the messaging network Twitter about having a sneak preview and some champagne at the space.

At 9PM on June 23, 2008 we had people from all over coming in to check it out.

Put anything out on Twitter and you know it will get spread around like a cold at a daycare—the great thing about Austin’s super-supportive community.Mondo thanks to everyone who came out last night!More videos will be coming soon as they’re edited, encoded and uploaded.

Dusty put some pictures on Flickr as well.If you have content from last night, send it my way or drop a link in the comments!I had a blast last night, I hope everyone did too.

EDIT: Colin has also put some into the Conjunctured Flickr group.


Not scouring the city for a space anymore…

Many of you may have noticed the inactivity in David, Dusty, John and my Twitter feeds lately.At times, this can mean really bad or really good things.As of today, we’ve officially stopped our search for a coworking space in Austin.

As I’m writing this right now, I have the keys in my hand to Austin’s first coworking space.Wait, wha?The wait is officially over!The last space I wrote about before has been found, secured and signed for.Sorry for the build up—I couldn’t just pass up on the surprise!Find us at 1309 E. 7th St. in beauuuutiful east Austin.

We could not have done this alone and I want to thank everyone for their support along the way, including (but definitely not limited to) Drew Jones, Julie Gomoll, Todd Sundsted, Jim Hillhouse, family, close friends, the coworking community at large, anyone who we pitched the idea and especially the Austin tech community.Without your encouragement and belief in our idea, this would not be possible at all.We are forever grateful and appreciative of EVERY single way you’ve helped us along this journey.THANK YOU!

We’re so excited about the space and can’t wait to get everyone in there.Add us on Twitter or add the blog RSS to your Google Reader. As soon as we can get people inside, we’ll let you know.See you at the space!Who’s ready to party???


Scouring the city for a space, part 2.

20080527 dnjxym3e6a4cef1s36j6rtrq4p Scouring the city for a space, part 2. In case we haven’t talked to you in person recently (at Austin Startup Drinks perhaps?), it turns out we lost the space at 501 Studios within 24 hours.We were really excited about the space and losing it was a huge learning experience.Ultimately, though, it just fired us up to keep on truckin’ and find the perfect spot.(As an aside, it turns out the 501 space used to house the local tech company Nossa TV; it probably still smelled like “startup” in there!)

At the advice of Julie Gomoll of LaunchPad Coworking (which will be opening up soon in Austin as well), we solicited the advice of a tenant representative.She even gave us the name of the one she used to find the spot for the forthcoming LaunchPad.Julie’s been nothing but supportive since we came together at SXSW and I think it’s safe to say we’re both cheering each other on to get coworking to Austin as fast as possible.It’s great to think that Austin will go from zero to two coworking spaces over the summer.

In case you were unaware, just like we were, a tenant rep serves as the middleman and negotiator between the landlord and the client (in this case, us) and to date, the contact Julie provided has been nothing short of amazing.He really gets the concept of coworking and totally embraces it (he’s even shown up to Jelly!).Since he knows exactly the kind of spot we’re looking for, we don’t really have to wade through too many spaces that don’t fit what we’re trying to do.He’s shown us a few spaces and just last week, we put in an offer for a pretty wicked space (seen above).We turned down taking over this artist’s studio space—for the size, not for fear that it was haunted, for the record.

Currently, we’re waiting to hear back from the owner in a few days.This one has some great potential and we love the feel that a stand-alone house would provide.While we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s definitely not anywhere near the end of the race.

To view the past spaces we’ve seen (at least the ones we’ve documented), make sure to check out Dusty’s Flickr photosets.Beyond the coworking space shots, he’s also got some pretty sweet vintage family photo scans and pictures of his dog in there too.

Make sure you’re following us on Twitter or you have the RSS feed in your reader of choice because as soon as we sign that lease, it will for sure go on there!


Scouring the city for a space.

20080506 q2hfr3p4ptfwex2ujeeethejxm Scouring the city for a space.

It’s about time for an update.

The past few weeks have been spent looking at potential coworking spaces in Austin.Late last week we came across a spot in the 501 Studios complex, most notably the home of Progress Coffee and tons of other cool companies just east of downtown Austin.We were excited about being a part of such a cool community, both in 501 and in east Austin (the city’s fastest growing part of town).Here are some shots of the space we were tweeting about here, there and everywhere Tuesday afternoon.

After soliciting feedback from potential coworkers via Twitter DMs,emailing people who have filled out our membership questionnaire and making some select phone calls to loved ones and advisors, we decided to bite the bullet, throw down a deposit and sign a one-year lease.We were flooded with responses and electronic notes of encouragement (many thanks if you sent something our way; your messages were the main reason behind us moving forward with the space).

Not all huge endeavors come easy though, as we’ve come to learn these past few months.In a strange turn of events, even though the deposit for the space is in, it looks like we’ll have to wait 48 hours to find out if we can sign the lease.It’s a situation that’s out of our control at this point, but we’re not letting us stop the momentum we gained today.We’re going to continue to look for spaces that align with our ultimate vision and we’ll keep pushing until we can provide a space that’s going to help Austin’s coworking community kick ass.

Initially, the situation we found ourselves in was frustrating but is one that has taught us a few lessons.One reason is why you’re reading this right now—we need to be chronicling our escapades more and more so you can know what we’re up to and for the benefit of the coworking community.We’ve benefitted so much from the transparency of others doing the same thing.We need to be contributing too.

A second thing is something Dusty mentioned to me over lunch at Progress: the awesomeness of the Austin tech/entrepreneur community.Today we realized the connectedness of people in this town and the desire for wanting cool stuff to happen in their town.Y’all want to see this happen as much as we do and I can’t begin to tell you how inspiring and motivating that is.While my celebratory tweet might have been a bit premature, even coworkers from around the nation sent their congratulations within seconds, including reps from New Work City, Independents Hall and even a friend right here in Austin opening Launchpad Coworking on 8th & Brazos.

We are part of some great communities and we can’t wait for the vision of our community to come to fruition.

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the connectedness that all of my gadgets and social networks provide, but today this helped me and the guys move one step closer to realizing a dream we are super passionate about.Again, thanks for the encouragement; we really couldn’t have done it without you.Look for more updates from now on.If you have questions, you know where to get to us.Hell, we’d even love to meet you for coffee sometime.We hear Progress makes one mean turkey sandwich.See you on the east side!