Project Date: April 18, 2014 Skills: Community, Consulting

Nomatik Coworking

Nomatik bridges the working experiences and collaborations of freelancers and corporate employees.  Building on the explosive growth of the coworking movement (from 1 space in 2006 to 3,500 spaces worldwide today), Nomatik is an online/offline coworking platform which connects people in physical spaces (both at the company and ‘in the world’ in coffee shops, hotel lobbies, airports, and coworking spaces), by keeping them connected in a virtual coworking space.  Nomatik is a “work social” platform.


Sept 1, 2014 – Officially closed the doors of our physical space, Conjunctured, as our new coworking model has “gone Nomatik”
April 18, 2014 – Announced as a  finalist for The Unlimited Human Potential M-Prize

Concept Screenshots

nomatik app view 1024x514 Nomatik Coworking

interface FINAL 1 1024x834 Nomatik Coworking

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