Corporate Coworking

Is Coworking part of your Corporate Workplace Strategy?

“They are launching a pioneering initiative called corporate coworking, bringing the coworking model into the heart of the corporate body in order to reshape and revitalize corporate structure so they attract and retain the best minds the U.S. workforce has to offer.” – How a Coworking Space Imagines Corporate Coworking by Eva Dameron, 7/23/2013

Activity Based Work + Coworking Model is evolving the ‘workplace strategy’ industry.

Across the corporate landscape companies in different industries are embracing the concept of Activity Based Work (ABW).  ABW is a workplace/workforce management approach where offices are designed as a series of neighborhoods and employees are provided a laptop and a locker.  No one (including the CEO) has a fixed work station.  People come and go and work when and where they choose.   ABW is…corporate coworking, ABW has powerful democratizing effects on organizations.  While ABW began as a resource management solution, it has evolved into a culture change process.

Corporate coworking is our approach to ABW.  We see this as a new corporate imperative.  Is your company overly committed to yesterday’s legacy systems in terms of how you define and manage your workspaces?  Do you allow workers the freedom, choice, and autonomy that today’s young knowledge workers demand?  Do you have a workplace (culture) where top talent wants to work?  Is your overall human capital management process really driving innovation?  What is the likelihood that you will be a talent magnet over the coming years?

We start with space to set the context.  Then we advocate a policy agenda that extends maximum choice and flexibility to workers.  People work best on things they care about and have a hand in creating.  The goal is increased organizational energy, corporate fitness, sustainable innovation, and a company community that you and your people are proud to call home.

Our process is centered on people and space.



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