Space & Design


The Workspace Design Process

We start the journey to corporate coworking with a thorough understanding of the current state of affairs regarding workspace design and utilization.  On average, corporate workspaces are utilized at around 40%-50%, whereas ABW workplaces are utilized at over 80% efficiency.

  • Space utilization assessment. Through our utilization survey, employee interviews, and ‘walk-around’ observations over several days, we take a snapshot of current usage patterns.
  • Draw out issues and concerns shared by stakeholders, and discuss with senior management
  • Design appropriate spaces that mix and combine open spaces with adequate private spaces to accommodate the needs of the staff.

Coworking is unlike many of today’s purely open offices, which offer workers no variety, no choice, no peace and quiet. Companies sometimes opt for ‘open office plans’ not because they spike collaboration but because they can pack more people in a given space like sardines. Our approach to corporate coworking recognizes that there is as much need for privacy and heads-down work as there is for open and collaborative spaces. The key is to find the right mixture for each company’s needs and design that in a bespoke manner.


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