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David H Walker
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David is the co-founder of Conjunctured, Austin’s first coworking space. Since its opening in July 2008, Conjunctured has embraced a personality of fun, friendship, and “let’s make big things happen.”

Ascribing to cultural principles of openness, community empowerment, trust, and creativity, much of what has transpired at Conjunctured has been a result of a leadership approach of “hmm…why not? Let’s see what will happen.” As coworking has grown over the years, Conjunctured has maintained a commitment to its style of coworking, which has found a strong following in Austin. Prior to Conjunctured, David graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a marketing degree from the McCombs School of Business. A serial creator since age 16, he has run other businesses in the past, where he learned how to believe in himself and his power to create. It wasn’t until Conjunctured that he learned how to believe in others and their power to surprise. David is passionate about expression, empowerment, and progress.

David speaks regularly at conferences and community events on the subject of coworking and offers his expertise through consulting with a passion for authentic expression, personal empowerment, and societal progress.



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Andrew Jones, Ph.D
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Andrew Jones, Ph.D is an organizational consultant, educator, and writer. He is a Lecturer of Management, Organizational Behavior, and Corporate Social Responsibility in the McCoy College of Business Administration at Texas State University, in San Marcos, TX. He has consulted with firms in the software, food and beverage, construction, advertising, sports management, coworking, and forprofit education industries. He has published two books (The Innovation Acid Test: Growth Through Design and Differentiation, Triarchy Press 2008), including the first book about the coworking movement (I’m Outta Here: How coworking is making the office obsolete, with Todd Sundsted and Tony Bacigalupo, NotanMBA Press 2009), and has a third book (The Fifth Age of Work: Redesigning Work for a MobileSocial World, Night Owls Press), coming out in September 2013. He has been involved in coworking since 2007, as a coworking space owner, partner, academic researcher, and consultant. He is a partner at Conjunctured Coworking.


We figured out that Conjunctured is different things to different people. And that’s what we love about what we’re doing.

“I believe if talented, passionate people team up in a fair environment, we will transform the speed of innovation and the happiness of our members.” -Dusty Reagan, co-founder Conjunctured

“As independents, we wanted a way to work for ourselves and still interact with others just like us. Since there was no way to do both before, we decided to create it.” -Cesar Torres, co-founder Conjunctured

“Conjunctured to me is about surrounding myself and collaborating with individuals passionate about their talents and personal freedoms.” -David Walker, co-founder Conjunctured

“The best thing we compete on is community. If you join, we get better.” -John Erik Metcalf, co-founder Conjunctured