Not scouring the city for a space anymore…

Many of you may have noticed the inactivity in David, Dusty, John and my Twitter feeds lately.At times, this can mean really bad or really good things.As of today, we’ve officially stopped our search for a coworking space in Austin.

As I’m writing this right now, I have the keys in my hand to Austin’s first coworking space.Wait, wha?The wait is officially over!The last space I wrote about before has been found, secured and signed for.Sorry for the build up—I couldn’t just pass up on the surprise!Find us at 1309 E. 7th St. in beauuuutiful east Austin.

We could not have done this alone and I want to thank everyone for their support along the way, including (but definitely not limited to) Drew Jones, Julie Gomoll, Todd Sundsted, Jim Hillhouse, family, close friends, the coworking community at large, anyone who we pitched the idea and especially the Austin tech community.Without your encouragement and belief in our idea, this would not be possible at all.We are forever grateful and appreciative of EVERY single way you’ve helped us along this journey.THANK YOU!

We’re so excited about the space and can’t wait to get everyone in there.Add us on Twitter or add the blog RSS to your Google Reader. As soon as we can get people inside, we’ll let you know.See you at the space!Who’s ready to party???








12 responses to “Not scouring the city for a space anymore…”

  1. Dane Avatar

    Heck yes! Party time!

  2. Kevin Koym Avatar

    Congrats on the space! OK, so when do we show up!?!!

  3. David Walker Avatar

    party time indeed!

  4. Rajat Avatar

    Congratulations! Gala day for the Indie Developer community in Austin.

  5. Ryan Joy Avatar

    Awesome news, guys! I definitely look forward to the opening party!

  6. RoundSparrow Avatar

    Congrats Guys! So when are you guys hosting a Thursday Jelly? 😉

    Stephen Gutknecht

  7. johnerik Avatar

    yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! jesse, our tenant’s rep is awesome. Julie Gomoll of Launchpad Coworking hooked us up with him.

    we owe so much thanks to Julie. she led the charge over a year ago to open the first coworking space in austin with Launchpad. but because she’s building out her space it’s taking much longer than just leasing a building like we did. nevertheless, julie connected us with Jesse who found our location, met with us to share what she’d learned, cheered us on all the way, and much more. julie is a real testament to the type of people involved in the coworking community and the type of people we have here in Austin. gah, you freekin rock. thank you so much.

  8. atxartCody Avatar

    Just stumbled upon this whole venture! This is an amazing idea and I can’t wait to check out the space. I’ve been trying to make these startup drinks but it seems that the world is against me and creates barriers to attending! Keep up the amazing work and hopefully I can catch everyone at the next round of drinks.

  9. Linsey Avatar

    Congrats!! Can’t wait to come check it out 🙂

  10. laura c. Avatar

    Good job! I think you’re very close to the Texas Bicycle Coalition, too. They’re at 1902 E. 6th.

  11. Jon Lebkowsky Avatar

    Big congratulations! Can’t wait to have a look.

  12. Daniel Hope Avatar

    Excellent team effort, welcome to the East Side!

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