Conjunctured gets an east side history lesson.

Alicia Cisneros in front of Conjunctured

Note: This post was originally written in 2008. On Jan 2, 2010 Ms. Cisneros passed away in Austin. May she rest in peace. 

When we were featured in Omar Gallaga‘s Statesman article last Sunday on coworking along with LaunchPad Coworking and Caroline Collective, we had no idea of the interest we would garner from the Life & Arts feature.Notes of encouragement and requests for more information on coworking came from all over the Austin community.Many thanks to all those who have written in or talked to us in person—it’s great to see that Austin is more than ready for coworking.

One special note dropped in our email the Monday following the article from a family who was convinced they knew the house shown in the paper.They claimed it was the house their Aunt Alice lived in decades ago.Even though the article never explicitly stated our address, the family easily called out our address as 1309 E. 7th St.We quickly invited the Cisneros over and by Thursday had Aunt Alice walking through the halls and rooms of the Conjunctured house, taking us back to Austin more than 50 years ago.

We learned lots of history about the house, including the stories when the family first purchased an air conditioner to wine-making and fermenting under the house (we’ve yet to explore down there, but if we’re lucky we’ll come across some leftover vintage homemade wine).

It’s interesting to note that when Alice was living in the house as a teenager, it actually was a two-family house, complete with two kitchens.We’re glad we gained a first-hand account of the history of the house and that we get to continue the tradition of commingling people within the four walls of the space.Even though Austin is a young city, it’s growing exponentially day by day and we’re thrilled to be a part of the growth and that we can share in part of the history of the E. 7th St. house.







6 responses to “Conjunctured gets an east side history lesson.”

  1. David Giesberg Avatar

    Too cool! Neat to be connected to that bit of Austin history!

  2. jim Hillhouse Avatar

    when I was setting up the wifi, Dusty & I talked about whether the house had an upstairs or not. To this son of an architect, it sure looks like the house could support an upstairs space-wise. After you get the downstairs settled, wouldn’t it be cool to go up there and explore…

  3. David Walker Avatar

    it was great talking/meeting Alice! She was so full of energy reminiscing of her teenage times there. It was really something. John Erik got a bunch of video footage…we should post it up soon!

  4. lisa knaggs Avatar

    Love hearing this! Austin is truly and intimate place! Sweet that y’all will breathe new life into this dwelling and make it a 21st Century “home” of (new) sorts! Cheers and woof!woof! 🙂

  5. Michelle Greer Avatar

    I’ve actually been brewing booze under the floor the entire time. You just didn’t know it. You’ll probably start smelling it eventually. I think I screwed something up.

  6. alice cisneros Avatar
    alice cisneros

    That is my Aunt Alice who lived in that house, she passed Dec24,2009 she in the pass we would drive by and she would just light up, just seeing the house. She will be very missed by me and my sister Julie Cantu.

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