Conjunctured: The First Coworking House and Its Lasting Impact

Redefining Workspaces, Fostering Community

In the vibrant and ever-evolving city of Austin, Texas, a place celebrated for its dynamic culture and entrepreneurial spirit, Conjunctured emerged not just as a coworking space, but as a landmark in the city’s cultural and business landscape. From its inception in 2008 to its closure in 2014, Conjunctured was more than a place of work; it was a crucible of innovation, a community hub, and a reflection of a city in the midst of a transformative era.

The Genesis of a New Work Culture

In the summer of 2008, against the backdrop of an impending global financial crisis and a technological revolution, Conjunctured opened its doors. This was a time when the concept of a traditional office was being rethought and redefined. Situated in the culturally vibrant East Side of Austin, a hotspot for new ideas and urban development, Conjunctured offered a shared space that was a melting pot for diverse minds and talents.

A Pioneer in the Coworking Movement

Conjunctured holds a special place in the history of coworking. It was not just a coworking space; it was a pioneer, one of the first 50 coworking spaces in the world and the first coworking house in the nation. This distinction is significant, as it places Conjunctured at the forefront of a global movement that was redefining the nature of work and community.

The First Coworking House in the Nation

The concept of a coworking house was revolutionary. Unlike traditional office spaces or even other coworking spaces, Conjunctured provided a more intimate, home-like environment. This setting fostered a sense of closeness and community among its members, making it more than just a place to work—it was a place to connect, collaborate, and belong.

Ahead of Its Time: Conjunctured and the Coworking Movement

Conjunctured’s establishment in 2008 places it in the first phase of the coworking movement, a full two years before the founding of WeWork, which would later become synonymous with coworking on a global scale. This timing is crucial as it highlights Conjunctured’s role as a trailblazer, setting the stage for what coworking could be and influencing the direction of the industry.

The Impact of Being an Early Adopter

Being one of the first 50 coworking spaces in the world, Conjunctured was not just a participant in the coworking movement; it was a leader and a trendsetter. Its early adoption of the coworking model meant that it was part of shaping the conversation around what coworking is and what it could be. It was a testing ground for new ideas, a place where the concept of community-driven workspaces was put into practice and refined.

Conjunctured’s Legacy in the Coworking Industry

Conjunctured’s place in the early days of coworking has left a lasting impact on the industry. It demonstrated the viability and appeal of coworking spaces, paving the way for the explosion of coworking spaces worldwide. Its emphasis on community, collaboration, and a home-like atmosphere has influenced how coworking spaces are designed and operated to this day.

Conclusion: A Trailblazer in a Global Movement

In summary, Conjunctured’s role as one of the first 50 coworking spaces in the world and the first coworking house in the nation is a testament to its pioneering spirit and its significant contribution to the coworking movement. Its early adoption and innovative approach helped shape the future of coworking, leaving a legacy that continues to influence the industry and the way we think about work and community spaces.

A Diverse Community of Innovators

Conjunctured quickly transcended its role as a mere coworking space. It became a thriving community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers from a myriad of fields. This eclectic mix of members fostered an environment where ideas could intermingle, leading to unexpected collaborations and groundbreaking innovations.

A Nexus for Events and Social Gatherings

Throughout its existence, Conjunctured was a pulsating center for events, social gatherings, and cultural happenings. It hosted numerous SXSW interactive meetups, becoming an unofficial epicenter during the renowned festival. In 2013, it was the venue for a Civic Hackathon sponsored by the City of Austin, where technologists and civic-minded individuals came together to devise solutions for city problems.

During the nascent stages of the tech boom, Conjunctured played a pivotal role for burgeoning companies. In 2010, it served as the unofficial Austin headquarters for Airbnb, with their only full-time employee working from the space and hosting events for Airbnb hosts. Similarly, in 2013, it became a temporary HQ for Lyft, where drivers were trained and interviewed, marking the dawn of a new era in transportation and gig economy.

The Closure: An End and a New Beginning

In August 2014, Conjunctured announced its closure, a decision that was met with a mix of sadness and nostalgia from its vibrant community. However, the spirit of Conjunctured lived on. The founders went on to establish OpenWork Agency, the world’s first coworking consultancy, and later pivoted into and

Conjunctured’s Enduring Legacy and Impact

Conjunctured’s legacy is multifaceted and enduring. It was a trailblazer in the coworking industry, a catalyst for community building, and a reflection of Austin’s growth and excitement during a transformative period. Its location on the East Side of Austin was symbolic of its role in fostering new ideas and urban development in the city.

As Austin continued to evolve into a tech and cultural hub, Conjunctured stood as a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and innovation. It was more than a coworking space; it was a movement, a cultural catalyst, and a cherished chapter in Austin’s history. Its impact continues to resonate, inspiring new ways of thinking about work, community, and the spaces that bring us together.

Conjunctured’s Role in Austin’s Transformation

Conjunctured’s story is intertwined with the story of Austin itself. During its operation, Austin was undergoing a significant transformation, becoming a magnet for tech companies, startups, and creative minds. Conjunctured was at the heart of this transformation, providing a space where the city’s brightest and most innovative minds could gather, collaborate, and drive forward the city’s burgeoning tech and creative scenes.

The space was more than just a physical location; it was a symbol of the changing nature of work and the rise of the gig economy. It reflected a shift towards more flexible, collaborative, and community-oriented ways of working. Conjunctured’s ethos resonated with the spirit of Austin, a city known for its openness to new ideas, its vibrant community, and its willingness to embrace change.

A Reflection of Global Trends

Conjunctured’s story also mirrors broader global trends during its time of operation. The rise of coworking spaces like Conjunctured coincided with significant shifts in the global economy, technological advancements, and changes in work culture. The 2008 financial crisis, for instance, led many to rethink traditional career paths and explore entrepreneurship and freelancing. The growth of the internet and digital technologies made remote work more feasible, and spaces like Conjunctured provided the necessary infrastructure and community support for this new way of working.

Conjunctured’s Cultural and Social Contributions

Beyond its role as a coworking space, Conjunctured was a cultural and social hub. It hosted parties, meetups, and events that brought together people from all walks of life. These gatherings were not just networking opportunities; they were celebrations of creativity, collaboration, and community. They reflected Conjunctured’s commitment to not just providing a space for work, but for fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic community.

The Future Inspired by Conjunctured

As Conjunctured’s physical space closed, its legacy continued to inspire. The principles that drove Conjunctured – community, collaboration, innovation – are now integral to modern work culture. The space may have closed, but the movement it was part of continues to grow, shaping the future of work and community spaces.

Conjunctured was more than just a coworking space in Austin; it was a microcosm of a global shift in work culture, a hub of innovation, and a reflection of a city in the midst of transformation. Its story is a testament to the power of community, the importance of collaboration, and the endless possibilities that arise when diverse minds come together. As Austin and the world continue to evolve, the spirit of Conjunctured lives on, reminding us of the enduring impact of spaces that bring people together to create, collaborate, and change the world.







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