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David H Walker

David brings ten years experience working in the coworking industry, having launched and led operations at Conjunctured, the first coworking space in Austin, Texas and one of the original coworking communities in the world. Today, there are 64 coworking spaces in Austin and almost 17,000 spaces across the world. Conjunctured has received global acclaim, not only for being an innovative workspace alternative, but also for its unique community-first approach to work and thought leadership in the coworking industry. Walker graduated in 2006 with a Marketing degree from The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas along with a concentration in Sociology. David’s mission is focused on helping to heal and evolve outdated models of work into dynamic, holistic eco-systems of collaboration and innovation. A millennial, himself, David knows first-hand the intergenerational divide present in the workplace and has a passion for creating environments where varying talents and personality styles can thrive together. He is currently a Partner at OpenWork, a consultancy that is helping to unlock and open the Coworking Model into greater society.
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Andrew Jones, Ph.D
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Andrew (Drew) Jones, Ph.D., is an organizational consultant, management professor, and author.   He is an expert in the areas of culture, innovation, and leadership.  Over the past fifteen years he has consulted with companies in multiple industries: software, food and beverage, construction, education, sports management, marketing, architecture.  An early adopter of coworking, he has run coworking spaces for the past seven years and co-authored the first book on coworking- I’m outta here: How coworking is making the office obsolete (2009).  He has also written two books about design thinking and corporate innovation: The Innovation Acid Test: Growth Through Design and Differentiation (2008), and The Fifth Age of Work: How Companies Can Re-Design Work to be More Innovative in a Cloud Economy (2013).  Drew taught in the management department in the McCoy College of Business Administration at Texas State University (San Marcos), and is co-founder and partner at OpenWork.  He is based in Austin, Texas.




We figured out that Conjunctured is different things to different people. And that’s what we love about what we’re doing.

“I believe if talented, passionate people team up in a fair environment, we will transform the speed of innovation and the happiness of our members.” -Dusty Reagan, co-founder Conjunctured

“As independents, we wanted a way to work for ourselves and still interact with others just like us. Since there was no way to do both before, we decided to create it.” -Cesar Torres, co-founder Conjunctured

“Conjunctured to me is about surrounding myself and collaborating with individuals passionate about their talents and personal freedoms.” -David Walker, co-founder Conjunctured

“The best thing we compete on is community. If you join, we get better.” -John Erik Metcalf, co-founder Conjunctured




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