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Searching for the Right  Coworking Operator

Even though coworking began with only a simple independent network of coworking spaces worldwide, over time, as a space grew into two locations or three locations, eventually those coworking operators began to develop scalable strategies for growth. A successful coworking operator is able to leverage their experience to minimize risk and maximize opportunities for their brand and their JV real estate investment partners.

Coworking Operator Staffing

As a coworking space brand begins to scale it’s important to be able to have a staff hiring process and training methodology that ensures the right people are operating the space. Even though, in the beginning, only a simple (often one-person) staffing solution was sufficient, nowadays in order to scale a coworking operation properly, a more thoughtful approach is necessary.

Coworking Operator Technology

Technology is a key part of a coworking operator’s arsenal. When you are considering being an operator it’s often a trial and error process of figuring out which software works for you. Sometimes coworking operators build their own custom solutions, investing sometimes thousands of dollars into a unique coworking platform.

Space Allocation Strategy

Coworking spaces are no longer simply open floor plans. There is a combination of private offices, permanent desks, team rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, chat rooms, phone booths, kitchens, lounges, living rooms…you get the idea. A coworking operator that is capable of scaling has figured out a formula that effectively matches the demand in the local market with a profitable business model.

Smart Target Market Strategy

Is the coworking operator targeting freelancers and entrepreneurs? Companies? Non-profits? Startups? It’s important that an operating brand has a key go-to that is unified across the brand and matches with market demands. When coworking began in 2006, 99.9% of all members were freelancers…nowadays, though, the fastest growing segment of users are employers that are looking for an officing solution for their employees. A well thought out target market strategy is essential to a successful coworking operation.

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