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Coworking and Human Resource Management

At the end of the day coworking is about people.  This intersects with the domain of human resource management.  What sorts of people is your company able to attract? Are they the best and brightest of the rising generation of digital talent?  Are they working on things that matter to them?  Are the right people working in the right places?  Are the right people being promoted and developed?  How innovative is your workforce?

The Conjunctured Model is a Space-Driven Model of cultural change.  We know that where and how people interact in space can change that interaction and people’s relationships.  We don’t like to talk about values, beliefs, and the various “ideas” that people need to have. Rather, we believe that people naturally want to interact with others in the organic ways that occur in coworking spaces.  To that end, in between our measurements and assessments, we let the actual participants- coworkers- define and lead the change themselves.  Adults don’t need to be told what to do, they just need the opportunities to be themselves.



  1. Introductory presentation at Client’s office- “Coworking and the Fifth Age of Work- Benefits and Opportunities for Today’s Companies.”
  2. Follow up Coworking Workshop @ Conjunctured: 2 days of facilitated coworking at Conjunctured, to dip toes into the coworking flow.
  3. Measurement of organizational energy via our Fitness Index, establishing a baseline of employee feedback on communication, purpose, and alignment of personal goals with company strategy, harnessing of human energy, etc.
  4. Identification of areas of dissonance and poor alignment, followed by targeted workshops to address problem areas (such as ineffective or poorly utilized workspace design, levels of employee engagement and energy, flexible work arrangements, communication and access to top management).
  5. If a firm is ready to firmly commit to its evolution, we intervene with a Conjunctured Designed coworking space on your campus.  We have six years of experience managing a community of innovators in our space.  Managed with our proprietary community management platform, we schedule events, manage the flow of workers, guests, guest speakers, facilitated meetings, and yes, we’ll make sure there is coffee, music, and appropriate vibe in the space every day.  We envision corporate coworking spaces as Spark Spaces, helping bring people together in a catalytic environment, to build community, commitment, and greater levels of engagement, serendipity, and collaboration.

3 month, 6 month, and 12 month follow-up Fitness Index surveys to monitor progression of individual and organizational goals, accompanied by in-person and written reports that analyze data and trends.


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