Workplace Strategy

The industry has defined workplace strategy the same way for quite some time.

Workplace Strategy is the dynamic alignment of an organization’s work patterns with the work environment to enable peak performance and reduce costs. – Wikipedia

We’d like to suggest a small edit–a paradigm shift, even. It’s in the phrase ‘peak performance.’ For so long performance has been a cut and dry numbers game. Questions about a company’s bottom line? It’s always pointed to employee performance. The way we look at performance in the office, though, has changed as the environment and demographics of the workplace have evolved.

The corporate workplace is evolving and ‘workplace strategy’ is too.

In the modern era, it’s less of a strictly quantity game and more and more executives are investing in the quality of their employees work experience. This is due to altruism in the work world increasing, but probably more so due to the findings in study after study after study show that the intangibles of the employee experience have a huge impact on the tangible bottom line of their employer.  Innovation, new product ideas, productivity are more closely linked with employee happiness than ever before.

The coworking industry and the workplace strategy industry have begun to leverage each other to collectively create the ‘new workplace.’ We’ve developed the world’s first corporate coworking program, where we deliver workspace/workforce solutions to companies seeking to build more innovative adaptive cultures.

The “Future of Work” movement has begun to redefine Workplace Strategy. Let’s update the source code of the ‘new workplace’, together.



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