What is coworking?

Beginning in 2006, freelancers across the country began congregating together in coworking spaces– co-op offices where individuals work on their own projects in a shared space. Since its humble beginnings in San Francisco in 2006, over 2,500 coworking spaces have opened up around the world. There are nearly 1,000 spaces in the U.S. alone. Not only do coworking spaces provide an ‘office’ for freelancers seeking to get out of the house or the coffee shop, they are increasingly populated by corporate telecommuters also seeking to get out of the house and be around other people. At the heart of coworking lies choice. Unlike most corporate campuses, people who work in coworking spaces choose to be there because they want to be there. It may start out as an officing solution, but coworking spaces quickly become communities. The combination of choice, flexibility, and community is a potent new workplace reality that makes the traditional company seem sterile and uninspiring.

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