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Conjunctured is a 1,600 square foot house built in 1918. We’re located in the heart of the East Austin bar and restaurant district, within walking distance to Shangri-La, Takoba, Liberty Bar, Progress Coffee, Rio Rita, and an abundance of trailer park eateries. We have a parking lot in the back that can fit about ten vehicles. Also, public street parking is prevalent (and free!) throughout the area.

Amenities for Use


  • Reliable & fast business class wi-fi, projector, external monitors, printer/copier/fax machine, giant white board, full size refrigerator + freezer, commercial quality espresso machine & grinder, instant hot water heater, microwave, unlimited Casa Brasil coffee, and natural teas. You can also wirelessly stream any iTunes playlist to our networked stereo (Apple airport express).

Front Yard & Porch

  • Our spacious front lawn has 3 picnic tables, umbrellas, and a beautiful shade tree. Our covered porch has patio furniture and chairs for four, making it a relaxing spot to chat with friends or enjoy the beautiful Austin weather. The front yard has been used for events like picnics, happy hours, and even a dunking booth for StartUp Crawl.
  • Capacity: 20 seated, 40 standing

Green Room / Lounge

  • As you walk into the front door, you’ll enter the front hallway. To your left you’ll find the lounge – or what members refer to as the Green Room. The 15′ ceilings and large windows provide plenty of light to the space. You’ll also find two 2-person work tables, two comfortable couches, and a coffee table.
  • This room has been used for book clubs, meetings, brainstorming sessions, and even impromptu musical jam sessions (we have a random instruments hanging around for community play). The room caters itself well to an energizing, free flowing dialogue among friends. It’s also a popular temporary nap or meditation room among our coworking members during the day.
  • Capacity: 10-12 seated, 20 standing

Coworking Main Double Room

  • The Main Double Room is our primary coworking area. Each room has four large wooden tables with comfortable chairs, external LCD monitors, surge protectors, and one printer/scanner/fax machine. The tables and chairs can be temporarily rearranged to suit your event.
  • This room is for coworking during the day, but has been used for events such as meetup groups, workshops, RISE presentations, and group brainstorming sessions, among other things. We’ve even pushed tables against the wall to make room for a DJ and dance floor.
  • Capacity: 15 seated (with laptop), 20 seated (no laptop), 40 standing (tables pushed against walls)

Conference Room

conferenceroom-header (1)

  • In the southwest corner of the house is our conference room where meetings are frequently held. There is a large table in the center of the room with six high-back leather office chairs. This room has been used for conducting trainings, conference calls, private meetings, job interviews, film projects, and more.
  • Capacity: 5-7 seated around table, 10 seated with table pushed against wall

Quiet Room

  • Also tucked in the back of the house is our Quiet Room. During coworking hours, this room is used as a hideaway. There are 3 work tables, a couch, and coffee table. The natural, subdued feeling of the room makes it a great area for a quiet work space, or even a bag and coat check during a large event.
  • Capacity: 6-8 seated, 8-10 standing

Bar + Kitchenette

  • Our kitchen offers a sink, full size refrigerator + freezer, commercial quality espresso machine & grinder, instant hot water heater, microwave, unlimited Casa Brasil coffee (delivered fresh every week), and natural teas. During events, the kitchen is commonly used for for handing out drinks and food by bartenders. Kegs can be easily placed behind the bar, as it has a tiled floor.

Back Parking Lot + Bike Racks

  • Directly behind the house is a gravel parking lot that can fit 8-10 parked cars. The space can be used for a parking lot or can be cleared out for a barbecue, outdoor photo booth, or even party overflow. We also have ropes and cones to help block off the area if needed.
  • Capacity: 70 standing without cars


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