Finding the right coworking operator for your real estate project

We just published a new landing page, Coworking Operator Services, which outlines some of the components to consider in choosing the right coworking operator.

We elaborate a bit on the components below:

  1. Coworking Staffing

  2. Coworking Technology

  3. Coworking Space Allocation

  4. Coworking Target Market

As coworking industry has evolved, so has the necesseity for successful coworking operators to evolve their offering to meet and exceed market (and investor) expectations.

Asset Owner JV with Coworking Operator

It’s becoming increasingly popular for asset owners in the real estate industry to facilitate win/win joint venture arrangements with coworking operators to help ‘activate’ their space as well as share in the revenue. Often asset owners cover the front-end capital investments and the coworking operators provide the management, brand, and the experience.






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