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Coworking is disrupting and innovating the workplace model for Corporate Employees, Indie Freelancers, Hotel Guests, and users of all types.

Today’s world of work is an ‘open’ one.

[stag_intro]Born in 2008 Conjunctured was one of the first 50 coworking spaces in the world. Today there are 16,000+ coworking spaces and climbing. After operating Conjunctured for six years, the co-owners, David and Drew, pivoted towards helping ‘open the coworking model’ into the greater global society, launching OpenWork Agency. Fast forward to 2018, OpenWork is the world’s leading coworking consultancy, helping corporations, real estate developers, and hotel operators make the transition to the future of work.

Coworking in Austin is still alive and thriving.

If you’re looking to join a coworking community in Austin, though, there’s still many great coworking options in town. Fun fact: With 62 coworking spaces (and growing), Austin is one of the top three most coworking-dense cities in the world.


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