Meet at Home

We host a variety of types of meetings here at our home base in East Austin.  Located in the back of the house is a small, cozy conference room with warm lighting, ample whiteboards, markers, post-it-notes, projector and screen, monitors, and even a couch for when a meeting becomes exhausting.

The conference room comfortably seats 8 people, and can squeeze in 10 if need be. The meeting space has been used for:

  • Conducting Interviews
  • Strategy meetings
  • Groups brainstorms
  • Focus Groups
  • Casting Calls
  • Training

While some of these meetings are similar to those that happen in your typical corporate conference facility (such as the meeting spaces in downtown hotels), the vibe at Conjunctured is totally different.  Meeting here is more of an immersive experience than it is just a meeting.

In our effort to be more flexible and accommodating, we like to customize our ‘meeting space’ offering, depending on the size of the group and the length of meetings. Please contact us for rates and/or a custom meeting package.





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